Miracle Boy - Application Example (Press Part)

Challenge faced by customer

Bearing oil is contaminated by metal abrasion powder and moisture.
Some fluid circuits share bearing oil and precision-controlled hydraulic fluid for rolls such as CCR, swimming roll, nipco roll, etc.
Abrasion powder and oxidized contaminant are the major obstruct for hydraulic system, which uses precisely controlled servo valves.
Without clean fluid, servo valves are easily damaged. They cost thousands of dollars to be replaced.

Our solution

Install Miracle Boy SRC-814-15V filteration system to VG150 hyraulic / bearing oil dual purposed fluid reservoir 2,500L. Removes huge amount of metal abrasion powder and moisture from the fluid.
Maintains high level of NAS 7 - 10 class, in order for the servo valves to work precisely.


Eliminated servo valve malfunctions, which used to occur often during late night.
Maintenance staff, who used to be occupied most of his time for maintenance of servo valves, now spends less time for valve maintenance.
Frequency of replacement of the valves, which costs thousands of dollars, also reduced.


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