We have launched a new office in Japan!

Our new office in Miyazaki

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage.
With the expansion of our business, we have opened PRITIC TECHNO JAPAN at the
following address and will start operations on January 11 th , 2024.
We are deeply grateful for your patronage.
With this opening, we will be able to respond to various requests, including sales promotion
of your company's products, export-related procedures as well as assistance with
exhibitions in Japan, which have been inconvenient until now.
We would be very happy if this office could be of use to your company in the future.
We sincerely look forward to your continued patronage and patronage in the future.

Representative: Kaoru Nishimura
TEL: 0985-44-2082
H/P : 070-9154-3638
Email: nishimura@e-pti.com
Website: www.e-pti.com
〒880-0805 4-1-4 Tachibana-doori Higashi 4-1-4 , Miyazaki, Miyazaki,880-0805,
Japan Kawakita Building 1F

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