Miracle Boy - Application Example (Dryer Part)

Challenge faced by customer

Bearing oil sludge produced from hundreds of bearings contaminates fluid.
Moreover, high temperature bearings accelerate oxidation of the fluid.
Leaked steam and washing water contribute high moisture contamination of the fluid.
When the fluid is used for both gears and hydraulic systems, the fluid contamination becomes very heavy.
Repair cost of bearings could come up to over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our solution

Install Miracle Boy SRC-816-22V filteration system to VG260 dryer lubricant reservoir 4,000L. Built-in electronics circuit designed to handle high viscose lubricant with superior filteration efficiency.
It maintains brand new like lubricant condition by removing contaminants, oxidized materials and moisture.


Eliminated costly fluid replacement, which saves hundreds of dollars.
The fluid used to contain high amount of metal abrasion powder so much so that it loked like gold metallic paint.
After the installation however, the fluid looks like brand new amber-colour with a tinge of green.

Flow of the fluid now can be seen through a signt feed lubricator, and wear of bearings and driving gears are reduced.

Reduction of the dyer malfunction contributes to maintain higher productivity and better factory management.


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