Miracle Boy - Application Example (Coater)

Challenge faced by customer

There are many hydraulic reservoirs within the coating line.
Dust from the coating material contaminates hydraulic fluid and causes malfunction.
Product quality is dictated by accurate hydraulic system control. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential.
However, consistency of the fluid's cleanliness cannot be maintained just by regular change of the fluid, when there is a constant dust intrusion.

Our solution

Install Miracle Boy SRC-811-8V filtration system to VG32 hydraulic reservoir in the coating line.
VG46 hydraulic fluid reservoir has a capacity of 600 ~ 1200L.
Around 20 over units of the reservoirs installed in the coater line are small in capacity; therefore, SRC-811-8V model is sufficient to handle.


Eliminated hydraulic system malfunctions, which occupied most of the troubles encountered by the line.
Besides achieving a higher reduction of repair cost, sudden breakdown of the system drastically reduced.
Moreover, defect paper production is now minimised.


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