Miracle Boy - Application Example (Calendar)

Challenge faced by customer

Pressure is constantly applied on the control system, such a pressure cylinders, CCR, etc.
Therefore, oxidation of the fluid is accelerated due to increased temperature and production of the sludge. This in turn, causes high precision servo valves malfunctions.

The sludge also accumulates all parts of hydraulic circuits.
The sludge accumulation causes; inaccuracy of sliding parts such as servo parts, relief valves/abnormal pressure increase of pumps and function filters/fluid temperature increase in reservoirs and oil coolers.

Our solution

Install Miracle Boy SRC-811-8V filtration system connected to VG32 hydraulic reservoir, capacity of 900L.
Introducing additives into the fluid is difficult therefore, removing oxidized materials and contaminants by Miracle Boy is the simples and most effective way to treat it.


Product quality is directly affected by hydraulic press accuracy of the calendar.
Full capacity of the hydraulic system needs to be utilized in order to maintain the quality of the product, by immediately responding to the feedback data it receives.
By installing Miracle Boy, stability of the product quality and reduction of sudden breakdowns are achieved.


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