"Priority" Pritic Magnetic Polishing and Deburring Machine

Using the magnetic force between the magnetised needles and rotating magnets, the needles gently polishes the surface of the work piece, and removes fine burrs effectively without damaging the edge.

"NRK" Miracle Boy Oil Filteration System

"Miracle Boy" filteration system prevents deterioration of lubricating/hydraulic oil. Recycle lubricating / hydraulic oil by attaching this system onto your injection machine, turbines or any other devices.

"Freddy" Ecovac - Coolant Recycling Vacuum

Freddy Ecovac vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, etc, then recycle the coolant continuously, using an idependent pump for return.

"NB Instrumentation" (Former Toyo Keiso) - Electrolytic Wastewater Recycling System

Suitable for customers handling VOC (Volatile Organic Compunds) inclusive materials, helps effectively separating pigments and water for recycling. Dramatically, reduces the cost for wastewater treatment.

"Uniram" Solvent Recycler

Ultimate solution for recycling sovents such as paint thinner, acetone, and varsol. It helps the owner to shrink environmental footprint and cost for transportaion & disposal for up to 90%.

"Matsumoto" Chucks and NC Tables

MMK is one of the workholding industry's premier suppliers. For over 60 years, they have been producing innovative and quality chucks and rotary tables. They also specialize in producing custom chucks.

"Conhira" Sorae - Waste liquid concentrator

Sorae evaporates waste liquid, further condenses it to reduce the mass up to 10% of original volume, deodorize and detoxify the exhaust vapor at the same time. Contributes to reduce the wastewater disposal cost for up to 40%.

"Kowa" Emtech Floating Oil Skimmer

Patented Q-pot System follows the water surface and effectively collects only the floating oil. Perfect solution for floating oil recovery from coolant tank for machine tools or waste water treatment facility.

News & Information

  • Miracle Boy - Application Example (Generator)
    Challenge faced by customer Lubrication management trouble causes costly malfunction of the generator equipment.Even minor clogs at the line filter triggers low fluid presser alarm and in the worst event, electricity supply is disrupted.Moisture is introduced into the fluid from leaked steam and causes moisture-related troubles. When the fluid is shared for bearing and reduction … Read more
  • Miracle Boy - Application Example (Calendar)
    Challenge faced by customer Pressure is constantly applied on the control system, such a pressure cylinders, CCR, etc.Therefore, oxidation of the fluid is accelerated due to increased temperature and production of the sludge. This in turn, causes high precision servo valves malfunctions. The sludge also accumulates all parts of hydraulic circuits.The sludge accumulation causes; inaccuracy … Read more
  • Miracle Boy - Application Example (Coater)
    Challenge faced by customer There are many hydraulic reservoirs within the coating line.Dust from the coating material contaminates hydraulic fluid and causes malfunction.Product quality is dictated by accurate hydraulic system control. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential.However, consistency of the fluid's cleanliness cannot be maintained just by regular change of the fluid, when there is a … Read more
  • Miracle Boy - Application Example (Dryer Part)
    Challenge faced by customer Bearing oil sludge produced from hundreds of bearings contaminates fluid.Moreover, high temperature bearings accelerate oxidation of the fluid.Leaked steam and washing water contribute high moisture contamination of the fluid.When the fluid is used for both gears and hydraulic systems, the fluid contamination becomes very heavy. Repair cost of bearings could come … Read more
  • Miracle Boy - Application Example (Press Part)
    Challenge faced by customer Bearing oil is contaminated by metal abrasion powder and moisture.Some fluid circuits share bearing oil and precision-controlled hydraulic fluid for rolls such as CCR, swimming roll, nipco roll, etc.Abrasion powder and oxidized contaminant are the major obstruct for hydraulic system, which uses precisely controlled servo valves.Without clean fluid, servo valves are … Read more