Still replacing oil regularly? Use our filtering system to recycle it.

MIRACLE BOY provides astonishing 99.9% filtration efficiency with no change of oil quality by removing dirt, oxide, and moisture without any additional heater or vacuum system required.  

If the oil replacement is failed, the mechanical
equipment gets broken and stops its work. It is
because the degrading factors which come up in
oil decrease the oil performance.

This system realizes no change needed of present oil for 30 years only by replacing with filter element once a year. No longer need to buy new oil. Let the cost of oil and disposal be saved together.

Fresh oil keeps your machine running, maintenance free.

How long did you take to complete your previous planned maintenance work for replacing hydraulic fruid / rubricating oil on your machine?

Once you install Miracleboy, the replacement filter, called "element" can be replaced while Miracleboy continues to run its filtering process. Moreover, you only need to replace this element once a year on a typical application.

Miracleboy eliminates sudden breakage on bearings, gears, hydraulic pumps, and solenoid valves due to contaminated oil by continuously providing fresh oil.

Car parts manufacturer in Japan

Frequency of clutch unit repair on my Komatsu hydraulic press machine has been reduced from once a year to once in 7 years.

Construction equipment frame maker in Japan

Fluid leakage from hydraulic cylinders and pumps were eliminated. No more cylinder's surface damange, no worries of breaking down.
We often heard the friction sound, when the fluid became dirty.
However, after installing MiracleBoy, the sound became much smoother.

Operator of Oil & Gas fire power plant in Japan

Cleanliness improved from class 7 to class 3 after the installation.

Acid value reduced from 0.5 to 0.073. Cost of replacing the oil (approx 40k USD), chemical treatment for waste oil (approx 30k USD), and replacement of mesh filter and activated carbon media are no longer required, too.

Stop disposing used oil, and Reduce CO2

Burning 1t of oil will produce approximately 2.5t of CO2, which leads to global warming.