Pulper is a process for mixing and dissolving the raw material. Gear oil and lubricant are used in the reducing gears and bearings.


Digester is a process to cook wood chips and extract pulp. Hydraulic dumper is used for the material loading and adjustment. The fluid reservvoir is positioned at elevated location, near the dumper.

It is a dewatering process by pressing paper. There is a type of standard roll bearings and another type of using precision controlled roll such as controlled crown roll.

Dryer Part

It is a process of drying paper. There are many rolls with high temperature and pressured steam. There are hundreds of bearings in this part.


It is a process of continuous application and drying of chalk and clay on the paper surface. Most of the coating process controls are done by precision hydraulic system.


It is a part to polish the surface of paper to make it glossy. Paper runs vertically positioned rolls. Hydraulic system is used for pressure adjustment of the rolls.

This part generates electricity by steam produced from a biler. Generated electricity is used within the factory and sometimes sold to external electricity company. Lubrication system is incorporated for bearings and reduction gears of turbine.

Other applications

Devices using hydraulic system such as; winder, truck dumper, bales press.

Devices using dedicated compressor oil such as; screw compressor, vacuum pump.

Turbo compressor, high pressure cleaning water pump which use turbine oil and gear oil.