What is magnetic polishing machine?

By means of magnetic power, hundreds of thousands of magnetized needles heavily move, fly and rotate to touch workpieces in the water. The needles touch and even enter complicated holes or corners to remove tiny burrs as well as stain on the surfaces, in a short time effectively. 

This process does not give any damage or changes on the surface on critical dimensions of workpieces, rather gives better surface roughness.  The surface condition got this system greatly contributes to better treatment result for plating process .

The magnetized needle media can be used semi-permanently. 

No chemical is used. Environmentally friendly.

Patent obtained in Japan, USA, and Europe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it damage or deform the original workpiece?

No. The magnetised tiny stainless steel needles called "media" touches gently on the surface of the work piece. Smoothness on the surface will improve, but it does not change the original size, diameter, and shape of the original workpiece.

Is the running cost expensive?

No. The magnetic media (Stainless steel needle magnetized) can be used semi-permanently. They are free from rust, wear and tear, and can be recovered simply and easily. Those plastic baskets used in the processing tanks are standard polypropylene containers. They can be replaced with any similar type of plastic containers which can normally be found in general household goods stores.

How long does it take to complete?

Small, minute burrs, whisker burrs, chips, etc. can completely be removed in about 5 - 10 minutes. In case of surface polishing, normally it takes about 10 - 20 minutes depending on the coarseness of the workpiece's surface. Additional time may ehlp improving the coarseness of the surface.

Is it difficult to opearate?

No special skills, experence, or certification is required.
Please watch the video on top of this page.

What are the best use cases?

There are many types of applications. For example;

  1. Removing fine burrs out from workpiece made of non-ferrous metal
  2. Final processing for surface polishing on jewelries and other objects of complex shape
  3. Removal of burrs or surface polishing on pipes or objects with hole.
  4. Removal of burn marks made by lazer beam machining
  5. Removal of oxide layer from object printed out by 3D printer

Please feel free to contact us for any other type of applications.