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Pritic, the Pioneer of Magnetic Deburring

Pritic is the pioneer as well as the master of magnetic deburring machine. Our machines are patented in Europe, Japan, and the USA Our processed samples will be the clear evidence, which makes you to believe that no similar products can do better than Pritic Machines.

Introducing The Principle of the Magnetic Polisher
The Machine has a rotating disk-shaped magnet, attached underneath the container. ( Figure 2) Inside the container, there are about 1000,000 of magnetic stainless needles called "Media".

Figure 1
The media, the end of which have the magnetic field of N and S pole that move in reaction to the magnetic field from the magnet disk. As the phase evolves 1-2-3-4, the magnetic media rotate and enter into contacts with the works.
(Figure 1)
As the magnetic disk starts to rotate, the Media also starts moving because of the magnetic force. Rapid rotation of the magnet disk causes instantaneous changes in the magnetic field, but causes their reversion (Figure 2) and their links are freed, or the media themselves rotate violently, enter in an agitated state and the media can penetrate vivaciously into small depressions of the works and polish uniformly the whole work and remove minute burrs.

Figure 2
The Media is permanent magnet doted with S pole and N pole, and each one of them reacts to the frequency of changes in the magnetic field. The Media from small to big enter into contact simultaneously with works, and so the media enter into contact several hundred thousand times or several million times with works.

Are you interested in Pritic Magnetic Deburring Machine?

Most metal parts have thousands of minute burrs, so far you had to rely upon manpower to get rid of them but from now on, you can sit back, relax and wait until the machine does everything for you! It's extremely cost effective as well as the best solution for your time management.

Do you Wish to check which models are suitable for your needs? or test your samples to see how does it work? We always appreciate your sample work pieces, it's absolutely free of charge!

If you have any questions about Pritic series we recommend you to check our FAQ page or send us an e-mail. We will respond you as quickly as possible.

Introduction | Pritic Technology | Pritic Lineup

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